“Pro Future” was a network project which was financed by Interreg 4a and lasted 15 months. The result was a concept for the present Interreg program 5a period. The project JUMP is the result of this networking project.

ProFuture had the goals to bring together new partners in the regions Fehmarnbelt and South Denmark-Schleswig-KERN and jointly develope a project concept for the INTERREG 5a funding period 2014-2020.

In a 15-month planning phase – starting with the February 1, 2014 – a foundation for the project network was created. In this way the network project created a smooth start for an INTERREG project in the programm period 2014-2020 and made it possible to merge institutional networks of the Fehmarn Belt Region, of Southern Denmark and the Schleswig-KERN-region.

The project group consisted of existing INTERREG partners and inexperienced educational newcomers together to link the expertise of the existing cross-border network (ProNet) with new and innovative impulses.

The results of our network project ProFuture are a viable network of project partners and a concept for a future INTERREG VA – project, which aims to integrate disadvantaged young people particularly in the labor market.